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Oklahoma’s public schools are the heart of the community.

We’re all connected to our neighborhood schools – whether as a parent, neighbor or educator.

We rally behind our schools as they support our students’ needs and develop Oklahoma’s next generation of citizens and leaders.

Public schools benefit everyone in the community. A strong school makes a strong community.

Communities for Public Schools is a group of community members celebrating and advocating for over 700,000 public school students and the public schools they attend.

Public schools do so much to serve our students, communities and state. Yet, it’s hard to ignore the dire statistics surrounding our state’s education system. Oklahoma ranked 45th in the nation on education according to the Annie E. Casey Foundation, while also ranking lower on average spending per pupil when compared to every surrounding state. From teacher shortages to low statewide funding, Oklahoma’s public schools are asked to do more and more with less. Communities for Public Schools exists to celebrate the investment that our constitutionally mandated public education system is making in our state’s future while fighting for resources and support every child in the state deserves. 

We invite you to join us and help advocate at the capitol for policies that benefit every child in every community. To learn more or take action, sign up for our email newsletter or text message advocacy.

Public schools are the heart of our communities – now let’s show our public school students the love they deserve.