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Voting Information

Vote for public education!

One of the simplest ways you can support your local school and students is by making your voice heard on election day. Local and state elections have significant impacts on Oklahoma’s schools.

Oklahoma’s education system is heavily influenced by state lawmakers. It’s critical that our students and schools have lawmakers who are advocates for public education in Oklahoma.

Elected officials determine the annual state allocations to public schools and vote on laws that impact funding for programs, teacher pay, district procedures and classroom content. That’s why it is critical that those who support public education show up to vote!

If we want to see increased opportunities for our students and progress in our local public schools, we need to work together. Having lawmakers who will collaborate with the educators, parents and citizens they represent helps make this possible.



Do you have your PLAN to vote? Here’s how to make one.


Pick a Time – Mark it on your schedule NOW and give yourself some time! The polls are open on Tuesday, November 8 from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Your polling place may have changed from previous elections. You can confirm your correct location through the OK Voter Portal.


If your schedule is tight that day, early voting is available at your county's election board the Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday before election day (November 2-5).


Learn About the Candidates – View your district and party's sample ballot on the OK Voter Portal to learn the races you’ll be voting for. 


Advocate for Public Education – Once you know more about each candidate on your ballot, choose to advocate for public education by voting for candidates who support our schools!


Network in Your Community – Your vote matters, and it can be even more effective when you encourage others in your schools and community to get out the vote for public education. Encourage your family, friends and neighbors to get to the ballot box, remind others about election day and early voting or share pro-education social media posts. Help us get out the vote!







When reviewing candidates and their platforms, it’s important to do your research and ask questions. Below is a list of questions to consider when speaking with your local candidates or reviewing their campaign materials.


  • How will you invest and advocate for the over 90% of Oklahoma students who attend a public school?
  • What is your stance on public tax dollars going toward private schools and voucher programs?
  • Do you support the work and funding of our local community’s schools?
  • Do you support investing in teachers and education to combat teacher shortages, reduce class sizes and provide students with the resources they need?
  • This past spring, a poll of Oklahoma voters revealed 85% of respondents favor increasing the pay and benefits of Oklahoma teachers to be more comparable to other professions with similar education requirements. Do you agree that teachers should receive similar salaries as careers with comparable requirements?
  • Do you view public schools as a common good and community asset?